General Insurane Policy and the Special Insurane Policy

When you are looking for a life policy, you will find there are two types of policies available to you, the General Insurane Policy and the Special Insurane Policy. A General Insurane Policy is one that does not stipulate a minimum age for you to be eligible for the policy and the premiums are usually lower. A Special Insurane Policy is one that stipulates an age limit and some of these policies also provide coverage for a specific disease or condition which is contracted by the applicant while working on a building site. The applicant must meet a minimum age to join the special insuring program.


When you begin to get your policy you will have to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire from your insurance company that will cover a wide range of health concerns. After you have filled this out and made note of any health conditions you currently have you can then apply for the policy online or over the telephone. You will need to list all of your current and past health conditions as well as any surgeries you have had done and any drug or alcohol related problems you may have. Once you complete this step you will be put on the list of qualified applicants and you will then begin the process of getting a quote from your insurance company.


Once you receive your quote from your insurance company, you will be able to decide if you want to go with the quoted price or negotiate it down a bit. This is important because you do not want to sign up for a policy without realizing you will actually have to pay more money than what the quote states. Another factor that plays into this decision is if you are still employed and covered under a group or union contract. Certain medical conditions are not covered under these contracts. When you have all of your information ready to go and you feel comfortable with the quote you have received you are now ready to talk to your insuring agent about starting your application process.

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