Is the car insurance policy mandatory

The car insurance policy is mandatory by law in most of the countries. It’s a must to have your car insured, for it could be your only source of protection and security in case of unexpected incidents like theft or crash, and the insurance company will compensate you for it. In case if you are in a car accident, the person at fault is legally obliged to make insurance claims on your behalf, otherwise you will be entitled to compensation from the insurance company. Your car insurance policy will cover you for any eventuality that may happen.


In case you are looking for a car insurance policy for your new vehicle, there are certain things that you need to consider before finalizing the deal. You should first understand your usage of the car to ensure you are getting the right kind of insurance policy for yourself. It will also help to know the rates offered by the different companies for a similar coverage type. You can also get quotes online and compare them, to ensure that you are saving maximum amount of money. Once you finalize on one insurance policy, you can sign on the contract and start enjoying all the benefits of it.


If you are in need of getting an insurance policy for your car to cover injuries or damage that may occur in an accident, you can opt for a Collision Only insurance policy. Under this type of car insurance policy, your only premium payment is for the repair cost of your car after an accident. This insurance policy will not pay any medical expense or repair fees. This is usually a good choice for people who use their vehicles rarely.

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