three general types of policy available

When it comes to insuring your life, there are three general types of policy available. The first type of policy is a General Insurane Policy, which is often used for people who are not senior citizens. A General Insurane Policy provides coverage on your death and the policy itself does not cover funeral costs. Another type of policy is a Special Insure, which is provided by an agent or broker in addition to a General Insure. A Special Insure will pay for any funeral expenses up to a given limit, depending on what kind of policy the agent has written for you.


These types of policies do not cover taxes, as well as debts that are accrued during your life. If you are going to use a Special Insure in order to pay for funeral expenses, be sure to talk to your agent about how much this can be raised since it could be a very large sum. The last type of policy is called a Special Term Life policy. This policy provides the most protection possible for the insured and the family.


When it comes to insuring your life, you need to make sure that you have adequate protection. Any time that there is a possibility that something bad could happen, you need to have enough coverage so that it doesn’t end up being too much of a financial burden later on. You should take the time to compare different insuring companies before choosing a policy to purchase. This will ensure that you receive a good price and that your family can afford the funeral expenses that will be incurred in the end.

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